Wolverine, The

2013 –  Robin said she saw this and was very disappointed.  Said it was a stupid story.  She likes the character, but wonders how many times Hugh Jackman can play this character.  This is the 6th time he’s played in that role.    It made $55 million at the box office and was the #1 movie.

In December, 2013, Howard said he really liked the new Wolverine movie. Robin said “this one I liked” (when the movie was released, she’d originally said she was disappointed) .  Howard said it can go horribly wrong when a superhero gives away or loses his powers, but this one was really good.  Howard said he’s always wary when a superhero wants to take away his powers, like this one and in  Superman.   Or when a woman looses her looks, like Janice Dickenson. And Hugh Jackman is fucking ripped.  Howard was told it’s because he eats chicken, and Howard said he used to eat a ton of chicken and never looked like that.

The Wolverine on IMDb

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