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Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

2012 – Don’t know if Howard ever saw this, but he and the crew goofed on the title. When Howard went to see Spielberg’s Lincoln, Howard said it was so boring, it made him want to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

On the SuperFan Round Table, SternFan Mutt said that Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was […]


Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Tom Adelsbach


Doc Ivan and Tom Adelsbach created this portrait of Sallyssess S. Grant after Sal came on the air spewing his new Civil War knowledge in 2014.

2012 – Howard said this movie was boring. Said he was just waking up from seeing […]

Sessions, The

2012 -Howard loved this movie. Says that both Helen Hunt and John Hawkes should both get best actor and actress awards for their performances, and it’s also a great movie. Helen Hunt looks great, and there’s lots of nudity. Mr. Skin was in studio for his Skin-Anatomy Awards, and he awarded Helen Hunt from this […]

Amazing Spiderman, The

2012 – Howard said he really liked this one. He was disappointed that they didn’t move on with the story, though. It again wastes time starting with him getting him powers. He liked Emma Stone much better than Kirsten Dunst in the Tobey McGuire Spider-Man movies.

The Amazing Spiderman on IMDb


1997 – Howard said the special effects of this movie were fantastic, but the movie sucked anyway.

Spawn on IMDb

Pulp Fiction

1994 – They all LOVED this movie. They had the special effects people on in studio and talked about the special breast plate they cast for Uma Thurman’s scene when her heart stops and they give her an injection right in the chest. Quentin Tarantino was in studio, and said that he talked to Uma […]

Black Hawk Down

2001 – Heidi Fleiss is on and she said that Tom Sizemore beat her up after she had said she didn’t like Black Hawk Down. She said that she’d just gotten out of prison and didn’t want violence, so all she said was that she would have preferred watching Bambi instead, but she got beaten […]


1995 – Ice Cube was in studio, and Howard told him how much he liked this movie.

Friday on IMDb

Boyz in the Hood

1991 – Ice Cube was in studio, and Howard told him how much he liked this movie.

Boyz in the Hood on IMDb


1997 – Ice Cube was in, and they were talking about his movies. They really liked Anaconda, where he’s the only one not eaten by a snake. His last words in the movie are “Die bitch, die!” when he kills the snake.

Julianna Margulies was on the phone and Howard was telling her it was […]