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Switch, The

2010 – When this movie came out, Howard and Robin goofed on it, Howard saying that Jennifer Aniston can’t make a good movie. In 2013, Jason Bateman was in studio, and both Howard and Robin talked about how funny this movie was.

The Switch on IMDb


2008 – Howard and Robin said they liked this movie when it came out. In 2013, Jason Bateman was in studio and Howard said that this movie had bombed. Robin reminded him that it had done pretty well at the box office. Howard asked Jason what it was like kissing Charlize, and Jason said that […]

Identity Thief

2013 – Jason Bateman was in studio to plug this movie. Howard hadn’t seen this one yet. He kept goofing that he didn’t know Melissa McCarthy, the fat chick’s, name.

Identity Thief on IMDb

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

1982 -Howard likes to talk about how cute Drew Barrymore was in this movie, as she’s only a kid. And what a shame that she grew up crazy. Being from a famous family didn’t help her. He says her mother was a monster. Howard, Fred and Jackie wrote a movie parody of this movie, BT, […]

Brokeback Mountain

2005 – Howard and Artie made fun of this movie incessantly, calling it the gay cowboy movie. When George Takei was in the studio and talking about having sex with Brad, Howrad said that all gay sex starts out with wrestling. He said they’re like Brokeback Mountain where they start out wresting and then suddenly […]

Faculty, The

1998 – Jon Stewart was in studio talking about his short-lived movie career, and that this movie and Big Daddy are why it was so short-lived. Jon said his big acting move was to grow a mustache.

Howard said that he really liked this movie where Jon played a teacher who turns into an alien.


Big Daddy

1999 – Howard has never gotten Adam Sandler movies–doesn’t think they’re funny,and can’t figure out how they make so much money and people love them. Jon Stewart was in studio talking about his short-lived movie career, and that this movie and The Faculty were why it was a short-lived career.

Big Daddy on IMDb

Toy, The

1982 – Jon Stewart was in studio when Howard had first come to Sirius and they were talking about how great this new freedom is for comedians. Howard was talking about Chris Rock, and how he’s at his best when he’s edgy and cursing. Jon mentioned Richard Pryor, and how horrible this movie was and […]

Shining, The

1980 – Howard talks about Stephen King books not always being good movies. The one exception he feelsis The Shawshank Redemption, which he thinks is one of the best movies ever made. The little boy in the movie reads the word “MURDER” backwards in a mirror while pointing in a creepy manor, and Fred plays […]

Star Trek (2009)

2009 – Howard and Robin loved this movie. Said they took the Star Trek story back to the beginning, and each of the characters embodied the Star Trek characters when they were young perfectly. They showed how each one came to their temperament and relationships with each other. J.J. Abrams called in to the show […]