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Lost & Found

1999 – David Spade was in studio after this movie had bombed. He was actually paid by the studio to not do his next movie because this one did so badly.

Lost & Found on IMDb

Kings of Comedy (The Original)

2000- David Spade was in studio, and was complaining about this movie. He said the black comedians can make jokes about the white man, making them all nerds, law-abiding citizens, but if he ever even started a joke saying “Did you ever see a black man doing…” he’d get a telegram immediately saying he was […]

Bring It On

2000 – David Spade was in studio and he was talking to Howard about how lame this movie was. Howard said he could basically buy a camera and point it at hot cheerleaders and that would be the movie. Robin saw it, too, and said it was awful. David said it was a family movie, […]

Buddy Holly Story, The

1978 – Howard and Robin loved this movie. Thought Gary Busey was fantastic, and was amazed that he pulled off the singing and playing as well. Gary Busey was always one of their favorite guests, as he was a little crazy. They’d always talk about this movie with him, as he was a relative unknown […]

Joe Dirt

2001 – David Spade was in studio, and was talking about watching his old movies, and how he wasn’t happy with this one. David Spade had been in studio while this movie was being made, talking about how good it was going to be. Howard reminded him that he had been paid by his studio […]


1980 – Howard said this movie was a joke from beginning to end. He hates wholesome Olivia Newton-John’s and was glad that this movie bombed. When Stuttering John was trying to evict Gange and Grillo, and they were fighting over the place, Gary came in and said he couldn’t believe they were fighting over this […]

Take this Waltz

2011 – Sarah Silverman was in studio and talked about meeting President Obama. She was really nervous, and didn’t know what to say, so when he approached her, she blurted out that she was going to be naked in her next movie. She was horrified and humiliated. Mr. Skin was in studio and awarded this […]


2012 – Howard and Robin say this movie is great. GEEKTIME! liked it as well, Mr Skin was in and said that this was Nadine Velasquez’s debut nude scene. Howard said this was one of the hottest nude scenes ever. Denzel Washington is on the phone, and Nadine is just walking around completely naked.

Howard […]

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

1995 – Howard and Robin tell when Jim Carrey would wait in the halls every day and try and get on the show, and how they told him they knew when he made it big he’d never return. He said that wasn’t true, but he hasn’t come back.

David Allen Grier was in studio, and […]

Last Stand, The

2013 – Howard was glad that this movie tanked. Said it was about time Arnold had a smack in the head and realized that he can’t control the world. Howard wonders how the next movie he’s making with Sylvester Stallone will do.

Johnny Knoxville said it wasn’t true that Arnold told him not to do […]