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Judgment (TV Movie)

1990 – Howard played clips from this movie saying that Tom Chiusano could use them as the perfect training film for talking about sex on the radio without getting fined. It’s a film about a priest being accused of molesting boys. The boys are in court using words like “pee pee,” “down there” and “kissing […]

Amityville Horror, The

1979 – KC was in studio talking about supernatural occurrences. He asked Howard how did he explain the Amityville Horror? And Howard told him, “It’s a movie, stupid!”

The Amityville Horror on IMDb

Clockwork Orange, A

1971 – KC was talking about the stunts he used to pull in college before Jackass. Howard said watching the stunts made him sad. KC and friends would run up behind an old lady and drop a condom filled with mayonnaise down her shirt. Howard said it’s somebody’s mother, and that KC has no ability […]

People vs. Larry Flynt, The

1996 – Courtney Love was in studio, and said that she had to promise Milos Foreman she would get off heroine for her to be cast in this movie. Howard and Robin really liked this movie. They felt it was a great statement in free speech, and when Larry Flynt calls in, they tell him […]

Muppets, The

2011 – Courtney Love was in studio in 2013, and she was talking about how she felt the Muppets using a Nirvana song and making a Muppet of Kurt Cobain was like raping his memory. She said when she saw it, she started sobbing and felt like she was just going to jump off a […]

Safe Passage

1994 – In 2013, Ralph Howard is retiring from Howard 100 News, and they’re talking about his long career. He says he plays a reporter in this movie. He’s chasing Susan Sanandon and she says “Fuck you!” to him. As he’s telling the story, he realizes that’s the first time he’s used the F word […]

Paper, The

1994 – In 2013, Ralph Howard is retiring from Howard 100 News, and they’re talking about his career, and he says that his voice opens this movie.

This is another movie Ron Howard directed that Howard says he puts his loser brother Clint in. Howard always asks him about his loser brother that Ron has […]

Changing Lanes

2002 – In 2013, Ralph Howard was retiring from Howard 100 News, and they were talking about his career. It was mentioned that his voice is in this movie, and that Will Murray also worked behind the scenes on the movie.

Changing Lanes on IMDb

Fatal Attraction

1987 – In 2013, Robin’s news had a story about Glen Close’s cause of mental health. Howard said he loved her in the movie when she played mental and cooked that rabbit. Fred said in his Ronnie voice, “and the rabbit squirted, and it wasn’t pee!”

Eric Douglas, brother of Michael, was on the phone […]

Wolverine, The (X-Men Origins)

2013 – Before this movie was released, Robin did a story about Hugh Jackman getting into shape. He says he’s on the 16-8 diet. He fasts 16 hrs a day and during the 8 hrs left eats 5,000 calories. Howard said he also does intense weight training.

Wolverine‘s Hugh Jackman was in studio, and Howard […]