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Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (III)

2001 – Matthew Berry was in studio and talked about writing this movie. This was 16 years after the 2nd movie. Howard said he liked all the Crocodile Dundee movies, but Matthew said that the third one was pretty bad. He was told he had to have his real life wife in it, so he […]


On 7.29.13

Artie said Zoe Saldana was really good in this movie. He had watched it because his friend Orlando Jones was in it.

Jason Kaplan ‏@Siriusjay 18h

here’s one I recently watched with Steve – Pitch Perfect – I loved it! Moves right up into Drumline territory for me

July 30th, 2013 | Tags: , , | Category: ALL MOVIES, D | Leave a comment

Pitch Perfect

In 2015, Howard and Robin both loved the old movie Pitch Perfect. Robin says she even cried during the competition at the end. They both said there is nothing to like in this movie, but they love it. Gary said that all the guys in the back loved the movie, too. They’re going to make […]

Twilight Zone, The (TV Series)

1959 – 1964

Howard was talking about one of the old Twilight Zone shows about the Talking Tina doll that kills people, and said it freaked him the fuck out. He said when he was 7 he used to sneak cigars in the basement and would hide the stogies in a box his sister had […]

Conjuring, The

The Conjuring on IMDb 2013

The Conjuring 2 on IMDb 2016

2013 – Robin says this movie was really scary. She said Howard shouldn’t see it, as he wouldn’t be able to take it. It was #2 at the box office the weekend of 7.22.13. Howard asked her if it had an evil […]

Wolverine, The

2013 – Robin said she saw this and was very disappointed. Said it was a stupid story. She likes the character, but wonders how many times Hugh Jackman can play this character. This is the 6th time he’s played in that role. It made $55 million at the box office and was the #1 movie.


30 Rock (TV Series)

2006 – 2013 Howard and Robin love this series. They think Tina, Tracy and Alec are great. In 2013, Alec was in studio and said he offered to take a pay cut to keep the series going, but by that time, Tina had had her 2nd baby, and wanted to cut back on her work […]

Shadow, The

1994 – Alec Baldwin was in studio in 2013 and Howard said he loved this movie. Alec said it was very low tech and didn’t make any money. Howard was surprised that it tanked and he and Alec said there were some very cool things in that movie, but it wasn’t a big superhero movie. […]

Act of Valor

2012 – Howard said he loved this movie. Saw it twice it was so good. He wishes he was half the men these guys were. They jump on a grenade, jump out of a plane, jump on tanks take out a gun and take out an al-qaeda dude. They do this all day and they […]

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

1974 – Howard said he’s never seen any of these movies. He likes Freddy Kruger and stuff, but wasn’t interested in this movie or any of the sequels. Robin watched Texas Chain Saw Massacre in 3D only because there’s never anything on TV in 3D that’s any good. She said there was an interesting song […]