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Ray Donovan (TV Series)

TV Series (2013 –

Howard and Robin think this series is great. Howard says Jon Voight is fantastic and should win an Oscar for this role–he’s too good to just win an Emmy. Howard played the d-jay that got caught with a transvestite, and Howard said it’s like Ray Donovan, who says “A mouth is […]

Bad Grandpa

2013 – They’re having a contest for a listener to get their grandfather laid that is sponsored by Johnny Knoxville’s new movie Bad Grandpa. Howard said it’s always funny when Johnny dresses up like an old man wearing old man make-up and his balls are falling out of his shorts.

10.21.13 Howard was sent this […]

Place Beyond the Pines, The

2012 – JD Tweeted, and Can anyone interpret?: “Place Beyond The Pines”: Gosling part > Cooper part > Sons part.”

In 2014, Bradley Cooper was in studio, and Gary came in to tell Howard that this movie was really good.

The Place Beyond the Pines on IMDb

Social Network

2010 – Howard and Robin loved this movie on how Facebook got started. He and Ralph disagreed on whose side to take, either Mark Zuckerberg (Howard) or the Winklevoss twins (Ralph), and they had many on-air arguments. Howard says he hates that Justin Timberlake is so good in this movie, that he’s so good at […]

Metallica: Through the Never

JD posted on Twitter: Went to a screening of Metallica’s 3D movie…it’s 90+ minutes of Awesome. To which Richard Christy tweeted back: I agree it RULED!

Howard saw the Metallica film, it’s like they’re in the room with them and the sound is incredible. Richard said the sound was better than any album. Howard asks […]

Freebie, The

2010 – He was in to plug his movie The Freebie about a couple that hadn’t had sex in 6 months and decided to give each other a freebie one night affair. Howard said this rarely happens, and Robin said if it doesn, it’s the man’s idea. Dax said if it’s the woman’s idea, it’s […]


2013 –

From Marks Friggin. com “Robin read about Vin Diessel’s new movie Riddick being number one at the box office this weekend. Howard said he makes shitty movies that do very well at the box office. Howard said the guy is good at that.”

In 2014, Howard saw and really liked (said he actually […]

Boardwalk Empire (TV Series)

2010 – 2014

Howard and Robin think this one is fantastic. They love Steve Buscemi, think he’s just the best.

Howard said he loves Boardwalk Empire and wants to change his name to Valentin Narcisse. Howard says he loves that fucking show.

Howard said the finale of Boardwalk Empire was the best TV ever. Robin […]

Kids Are All Right, The

2010 – Robin says Annette Benning’s and Warren Beatty’s daughter is transgender and awaiting an operation. Reports are they are splitting, but deny that. Robin says she’s out plugging her new movie The Kids Are Alright. Later, after the movie came out, Robin said it was really good.

The Kids Are Alright on IMDb

Proposal, The

2009 – Howard liked this one as a chick flick. Says it was predictable, and really retarded, but he liked it