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2013 – Ben Stiller said he did the Madagascar films with Chris Rock and would have to ad lib with him, and Chris was so good, he’d get depressed.

Madagascar on IMDb

Goodwill Hunting

1997 – In 2013, Ben Stiller was in studio and said he turned down the offer to direct Goodwill Hunting. He never read the script, but passed on it because he was told these 2 unknown guys-kids at that point-were attached to it.

Harvey Weinstein was in studio in 2014, and he told the story […]

Anchorman & Anchorman 2

2004 – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy on IMDb Howard and Robin love the movie. Howard said the best scene is when Ron Burgundy gets a boner when he’s talking to Christina Applegate and he blames it on the crease in his pants. He says he loves the movie. It’s so stupid, and stupid […]

Get Smart

2008 – Steve Carrel was in studio in 2013, and he talked about writing the 40-Year-Old Virgin movie with Judd Apetow. The idea was from a character from an improv sketch. He said Judd Apetow had to give him the lecture to get on with it and keep writing this movie, because he would have […]

40-Year-Old Virgin

2005 – Steve Carrel was in studio in 2013, and he talked about writing the movie with Judd Apetow. The idea was from a character from an improv sketch. He said he knew he had to actually do the waxing scene, not only for his experience, but for the reaction from the men watching it […]

Sound of Music (TV Special 2013)

Gary watched the live broadcast of Sound of Music with Carry Underwood. Says she can’t act, but she sure can sing. Howard says girl’s got star power. It had over 18 million viewers. Howard said this had one of the best soundtracks, too, and sings all the songs. Gary watched the whole thing because it […]

Empire of the Sun

1987 – Ben said that Steven Speilberg’s company produced his movie Tropic Thunder, and Howard asked him about being yelled at by Speilberg during the filming of Empire of the Sun. Ben said the story is there was this long 8 minute shot that panned to him and Christian Bale at the end, and Ben […]

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

2009 – Ben Stiller was in studio to promote this movie. Howard told him that he had spoken to JJ Abrams and told him that the new Star Trek movie would open at $79 million, and JJ said that if that were true, he’d blow Howard. It made 79.8 million. He wanted to know if […]

Saving Mr. Banks

2013 – Howard said the new movie Saving Mr. Banks about the making of the Disney film, Mary Poppins, sounds like the most boring movie ever-who wonders who green lit this one? Then he was surprised to learn that it was actually a Disney movie. He played a clip of Emma Thompson talking about the […]

Coming to America

1988 – Howard was talking about Mandela’s death, and said that he’s surprised so many Africans dress like Americans. He was expecting them to all look like King Joffre Jeffers from Coming to America who dresses with a big lion head competing with his head and are wearing skins. He wants to see the ladies […]