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Daddy Day Care

2003 –

Jeff Garlin was in studio in 2014 and talked about making Daddy Day Care with Eddie Murphy, who he says is brilliantly funny, and it kills him he doesn’t make funny movies or do stand up anymore. He says it was so bad, when he had to do press, he would just say […]

Full Frontal

2002 –

Jeff Garlin was in studio in 2014, and he talked doing a movie with Julia Roberts called Full Frontal, and she was really rude to him. When he asked what her problem was with him, another actor said she said when she saw him, she thought he’d be someone she’d see at dinner […]

Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV Series)

1999 –

Comedian Jeff Garlin was in studio from The Goldbergs and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Howard says no one can believe he hasn’t seen Curb Your Enthusiasm yet. Robin said she definitely can’t believe he hasn’t seen it yet as it’s so good. Howard said he met Larry David once who told him he was […]

Mechanic, The

2011 – Ronnie says he loves Jason Statham movies, and The Mechanic is his favorite of his.

The Mechanic on IMDb

Breakfast Club

1985 – Howard and Gary talked about Molly Ringwold had the best tits in Hollywood. He thinks she was the hottest back in the 80’s. Howard loved those old John Hughes teenage movies.

In 2014, Richard said he drank and watched Breakfast Club on Sunday morning and loved it. Howard said that’s a great movie.


Event Horizon

1997 – Howard asked Richard about Event Horizon, and he said it was great. Says they go into a black hole and find hell is in there and it follows them around. It’s got Sam Neil and Laurence Fishburn.

Event Horizon on IMDb

Sound City

2013 –

Jonah Hill was played into the studio with a Dave Grohl song, and he said he saw this documentary and it was great.

Robin watched Sound City, the Dave Grohl documentary, about how great the old musicians were. Now these musicians just play with a computer and don’t necessarily have any musical talent.


John Carpenter’s The Thing

1982 Richard Christy Tweeted: 1/25/14, 8:03 PM John Carpenters The Thing – Greatest Ending Of All Time. Unhappy Endings rule Richard Christy (@cwotd) tweeted: 2/15/14, 6:22 PM Coolest Movie Monster Ever. #thething Richard Christy (@cwotd) 2/15/14, 5:08 PM John Carpenters The Thing the perfect movie to watch on a snowy day in NYC […]

Labor Day

2013 – Howard says somehow he got a preview from the studio of the new Jason Reitman movie Labor Day is a really good romantic movie by Jason Reitman. Josh Brolin and Kate Winslett. Howard says it’s very good. It’s a chick flick and girls will love it. Howard loves romance.

Labor Day on IMDb


Justified (TV Series)

2010 –

Howard and Robin love this series. Howard said he had to go back and watch some of the older ones before the new season started, as he gets confused.

In April 2014, Robin said she’s realized that Justified has spend the entire season on trying to get one shipment of heroine. Howard says […]