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Drop Zone

1994 –

In Feb, 2014, Jason Tweeted: Jason Kaplan (@Siriusjay) Tweeted: 2/18/14, 1:23 PM Quick reviews of movies I watched over the break: “The Dictator“: B+, “The Heat” B (too looooong), Drop Zone A++++++++ #Swoop

JScott ‏@Jhernk78 20h Replied with: @Siriusjay it wasn’t Wesley’s best acting debut, but the action sequences was well worth it.


Lost in Space (TV series)

1965 – 1968

Howard 101 reruns has Billy West as a gay Mr. Smith from Lost in Space talking to grown up Will Robinson, Bill Mumy on the phone. Billy West always made Mr. Smith gay for the young Will Robinson. Robin wonders why Will’s parents always let Will go off with this mad man? […]

Act of Killing, The (documentary)

2012 –

JD Tweeted on 2.16.14: I can’t think of a documentary that’s as crazy and disturbing as “The Act Of Killing”. Everyone should see it.

The Act of Killing on IMDb

Meet the Parents

2000 –

Howard can’t believe the great Robert De Niro is doing all these silly comedies now. He feels it’s beneath him. Sal was in studio and Howard was talking about how he needs to stop bothering his guests in the Green Room, like the time he told Ben Stiller he wasn’t funny in Meet […]


1996 –

Kyra Sedgwick was in studio and Howard asked her about John Travolta and Scientology, and she said she was young and curious about it and asked-he never pushed it on her. Kyra said he was really a great guy. Robin said this movie has one of the sexiest scenes on film ever.

Phenomenon […]

RoboCop (2014)

2014 –

Ralph had Peter Weller on GEEKTIME! and told him that this movie was in his top 20 movies of all time, meaning he’s seen this movie at least 20 times and always loves it. When there is talk of a remake, Ralph says that’s total heresy.

But then on 2/13/14, Ralph Tweeted: (@MYGEEKTIME) […]

Gorillas in the Mist

1988 – Howard and Robin were talking about this movie. It’s a true story, and Howard said this lady, Dian Fossey, had no business being in the jungle like that. He’s not surprised that she was murdered.

Grillo said his dream is to be in one of those movies (like a Star Wars franchise) someday. […]

Love at First Bite

1979 – Howard was talking about the tan George Hamilton and the movie he was in Love at First Bite. Says the only tan vampire movie ever had a Polish casting director. He said George must have wanted to be in Bay Watch, as he could work and tan at the same time. He could […]

Near Dark

1987 –

Near Dark was a movie that Natalie Maine’s husband was in. Richard said he’s a big fan.

Near Dark on IMDb


World’s End

2013 –

January, 2014, Richard Christy Tweeted: Just saw Worlds End, great drinking movie, reminds me of a cross between Halloween 3 & Strange Brew

World’s End on IMDb