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From Here to Eternity

In March, 2014, Howard was talking about the passing of David Brenner and about being on his old talk show, Nightlife. He had wanted to see David’s girlfriend in a bikini and reenact a scene From Here To Eternity. and he could be the Burt Lancaster to her Deborah Kerr in the famous scene where […]

Counselor, The

2013 – JD Harmeyer (@jdharm) 3/15/14, 10:02 PM The only scene that made any sense to me in “The Counselor” was Cameron Diaz humping a windshield. #ThumbsDown Then in May, 2014, Robin said saw The Counselor over the weekend with Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt and really liked it. JD said it was terrible-you […]

Honeymooners (TV Servies)

1955 – 1956

Robin’s news after Audrey Meadows had died, Howard and Artie talked about this series. Artie does his Jackie Gleason yelling, “To the moon, Alice!” Howard said that Jackie and Art were the whole show. They brought it back as a sketch on the Jackie Gleason show and hired new actresses to play […]

Cecil B. DeMented

They were talking about Cecil B. DeMented, and Howard said “You know your career’s going south if you’re in a John Water’s movie.”

Cecil B. DeMented on IMDb



2008 – They were talking having the “sex talk” with your kids, and Gary was talking about watching Wanted with his sons, and there’s a scene with Angelina Jolie bent forward over a desk and she’s getting banged, and it was just really awkward in the room. Said the same thing when watching The Godfather […]

Space Cowboys

2000 – Talking about Space Cowboys being released. Howard wants to know who wants to see all those old guys? Then Robin did a story about Charleston Heston coming out of alcohol rehab, and Howard and Fred did a drunk rendition of him yelling, “Those damn dirty apes!” from Planet of the Apes and talking […]

Shakespeare in Love

1998 – In 2001 – Howard and Robin were talking about the movie The Royal Tenenbaums. Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t smile during the entire movie-Howard said anyone could have played her role. Howard still can’t believe she won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love–he says it wasn’t that good of a movie, and she adds nothing […]

Royal Tenenbaums

2001 – Howard and Robin were really surprised that Owen Wilson wrote this one. Robin really liked it. Howard did, too, but he got there an hour before the movie started because otherwise you can’t get a seat even if you buy a ticket. The black janitors made him wait anyway-they wouldn’t let him sit […]


1958 – In March, 2014, Howard was talking about his father calling him Miss American and “Schoofer” or “Shuter” from an old German monster movie Frankenstein rip off that he’d watch with Howard. Howard said the monster was horrible, all hunched over, and his father would call him Shuter to make fun on him. And […]

Bad Words

2014 – Jason Bateman was in to plug his new movie, Bad Words. Howard said it has one of the best trailers ever. It’s about an adult entering children’s spelling bees. but it’s not a kids’ movie. It’s rated R. Jason is a prick who screams and curses out children. He calls an Indian kid […]