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1984 – This movie is considered so bad that it has its own yearly celebration in Los Angeles, and Jay Thomas is always asked to appear after the showing of the movie. He says during the entire screening, people are screaming at the screen, heckling everybody in the movie, all the special effects and the […]

Donnie Brasco

1997 – Dice Clay was in studio, and he wanted Artie to do lines from this movie and The Godfather with him. Artie said he didn’t know this one as well. Howard said he loved this movie.

Donnie Brasco on IMDb

Dinner w/Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends (TV Movie)

JD Tweeted:

Watch or DVR “Dinner w/Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends” tonight at midnight on Adult Swim. It’s hilarious.

Jason Tweeted:

Was privileged w/ an advanced copy of ‘Dinner W/ Friends W/ @brettgelman & Friends’ – It’s amazingly hilarious!

Dinner W/Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends on IMDb


She’s Out of My League

Image by Jasen Santiago


2010 – Thanks to Robyn Olivo of Stern Facebook Superfans for the memory: In 2008, the Elliott Spitzer / Ashley Dupree scandal broke. When Ashley Dupree started doing press in 2010 and went on air with Howard,, the PR people from this movie contacted the Stern show to […]

Manos Sucias

2014 –

In April, 2014, JD Tweeted: “Manos Sucias” – highly recommend if you get a chance to see it. Colombia, drugs, Spike Lee produced. I liked it a lot #TribecaFilmFestival


Beneath the Harvest Sky


JD Tweeted in April, 2014:

Emory Cohen as Casper in “Beneath The Harvest Sky” is a must see performance. Great movie. #TribecaFilmFestival

Beneath the Harvest Sky on IMDb



JD Tweeted in April, 2014

Zombeavers is funny as hell. Nice job @jordanrubin #TribecaFilmFestival

Zombeavers on IMDb



2010 –

In 2014, Danny Trejo from Machete was in studio. Howard loves saying the title of the movie and says it’s got to be a great movie with a title like that. It’s like a Mexican James Bond, where he’s killing everyone and has all the hottest girls. He’s now plugging Bad Ass 2: […]

Outsiders, The

He auditioned for The Outsiders with all these great actors that were so young at the time. He is still great friends with all the guys in that film. He said Tom Cruise knows who he is, and didn’t take a part when he couldn’t feel it. When Howard asked him if he feels bad […]

Runaway Train

1985 –

In 2014, Danny Trejo from Machete was in studio. He’s now plugging Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses with Danny Glover on DVD. He talked about being on the set of Runaway Train to help keep a friend of his, who was a PA on the film, sober because there was blow everywhere. As […]