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Jodorowsky’s Dune

July of 2014, JD tweeted: Love the documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune”

Jodorowsky’s Dune on IMDb


Guardians of the Galaxy

2014 –

In December, 2014 Howard saw Guardians of the Galaxy and said it was really good. He even liked the talking racoon.

Tweet from Jason Kaplan: Holy shit, #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy was AWESOME! Best Marvel movie since Iron Man. I want to see it twice more! Then, when Jason was asked if he would use his […]

Prince of Darkness

1987 –

In 2014 – Howard was talking to Richard Christy about playing drums with Metallica during the San Diego ComicCon, and he asked him what they talked about. Richard said they found they all loved the John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. so they talked about that and other horror movies.

Prince of Darkness on […]

Lego Movie, The

2014 – On the WUS, Jason and Jon Hein said the Lego Movie was awesome.

The Lego Movie on IMDb

Christmas Vacation (National Lampoon’s)

1989 –

In 2014, The WUS goes to San Diego for ComicCon, and they talk about the flight. Richard said he wanted Christmas in July, so he had Christmas Vacation loaded on his computer and he will watch it during the flight while quoting all the lines with Sal. Jon said he felt sorry for […]


2014 – Howard asked JD what movies he’s watched with his new girlfriend, and he said Three O’Clock High and Scarlett Johansson’s new movie, Lucy. Howard asked him if that was any good, and JD stuttered around and Howard said he’s talked for a long time, and still doesn’t know if JD recommended the movie […]

Lucky One, The

2012 –

In 2014, On the WUS, they were talking to JD about going to romantic movies with your girlfriend. He had said last week that he had watched Kentucky Fried Movie with her. Ronnie said The Notebook didn’t make him cry, but he did tear up. Gary said his son and some friends went […]

Secretary, The

2002 –

In 2014, On The Tapes, Howard was talking about the movie The Secretary with James Spader. Howard loved it, but Robin said she had to stop watching it it was so bad. Howard said he loved the S & M – doesn’t like it in real life, but loves to watch it in […]

Fargo TV Series

2014 –

Ralph Tweeted: TWO WORD REVIEW FOR @FargoFX FUCKING BRILLIANT! Just give whoever is nominated THEIR EMMY AWARD NOW! #PERFECT SHOW; and then responded to“@kemilio: so what’s better? Fargo or True Detective?” : Not even CLOSE! TD was a bit of a BORE for me + WEAK FINALE #OVERHYPED #YACKYACKYACK. …and then in response […]

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

1978 –

In 2014 on the WUS, Richard Christy said the best ending to a movie ever from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He says Donald Sutherland’s scream was great and it’s the best invasion movie from the 70′s.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers on IMDb