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Dumb and Dumber To

2014 – Jim Carey was in studio plugging Dumb and Dumber To. Howard was only able to see the first 40 minutes, but said it was hysterical, that he almost pissed himself watching. He said he loved the original and didn’t know if they could play these same characters so much older, but it was […]

Mike Tyson Mysteries (TV Series)

2014 –

Howard said he saw the first Mike Tyson Mysteries, which premieres tonight on Adult Swim. He said he really liked it. He watched the whole thing, which is unusual for him. It’s only 15 minutes long and Howard said it was really funny.

JD tweeted: “Mike Tyson Mysteries” is on Cartoon Network tonight […]


2014 – Howard said Foxcatcher is a great movie. It’s the story of John du Pont who was an heir to a fortune who decided to use his money to train Olympic wrestlers. He was a patriot who thought it was unfair that Russia and other countries finance their Olympic athletes and decided to finance […]

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

2001 – Kevin Smith came in to the studio to plug the movie and played Win Fred’s Money. He lost, which he said he would. Kevin is a big Stern fan, so he flew in from LA for one day to do the show. Kevin brought Afro Man with him, whose song “When I Got […]


2014 –

Robin finally admits that Brad Pitt is a movie star, because Fury is also great. She said Brad Pitt wowed her in that movie. He is the whole movie. She said you get mad watching that movie at Nazis all over again.

Fury on IMDb

St. Vincent

2014 –

Howard said he saw St. Vincent with Bill Murray, and it’s really good. Robin saw it too and agreed and then asked him if he saw the the end credits-he was even good in that. Howard said he did. It was great because he was just sitting on a bench watering plants, but […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past

In October of 2014, Howard said he got this one of DVD and finally watched it. Says it is fantastic. He loved watching movies on his iPad. Robin says those movies need to be seen on the big screen, but he says he loves watching all movies on his iPad. Ralph said he didn’t like […]


1973 –

In 2014, On the WUS, Ryan Phillipe was in studio talking about him stripping for Robin at the Birthday Bash. Ryan said he had a great time, and loved that he even surprised and shocked Howard, but then he woke up Monday morning and heard Robin said it was disgusting. Gary said he […]

Gone Girl

2014 – Howard and Beth went to see Gone Girl at the theaters for their 6th wedding anniversary. They loved it. Robin said it’s a “must see!” Howard said Rosamund Pike is really hot. He was sketching his wife, and it ended up looking like her for some reason. Ben Affleck was on Bill Maher’s […]

Judge, The

2014- Howard and Robin saw the new Robert Downey, Jr. movie The Judge and really liked it.