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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

2015 – Howard said this movie is really good. Robin said she hasn’t seen it yet, but has loved the entire series, and really loves Tom Cruise. Howard says it’s great that they’re back fighting The Syndicate. He loves when Get Smart fights KAOS, and 007 fights Spectre, which they said they’ll do with the […]

High Fidelity


Howard said he hated this movie. Hated that he wasted 2 hours watching that. He couldn’t understand that all the critics liked it.

High Fidelity on IMDb


2014 – In 2015, Jake Gyllenhaal was in studio. Robin said that this movie was her favorite one of his, and that it’s his best performance. He said he lost a lot of weight for that one, as after reading the script, he thought the character wouldn’t be athletic.

Nightcrawlers on IMDb


2015 – Jake Gyllenhaall was in studio. He’s in the new movie South Paw, which Howard and Robin said is really good. It’s written by the same guy who wrote Sons of Anarchy. Howard said it’s a great fight movie, and he loves fight movies. Robin said that in the movies is the only place […]

Kung Fury

2015 – Howard and JD say the movie Kung Fury is really funny, and you can watch in on line for free.

Kung Fury on IMDb



In 2015, Paul Rudd was in studio and said he’d gotten a “Baba Booey” in that movie.

Wanderlust on IMDb


2015 – Caller said Ant-Man was good. Howard said he’d tried to get rights for that movie from Marvel about 15 yrs ago. He said he’d always loved that comic as a kid, though it was never popular. Later, Paul Rudd was in studio talking about the movie. Michael Douglas is in the movie, too, […]

Horrible Bosses

2011 –

Jason Bateman was in studio in 2014 talking about this movie. Gary and Robin said this movie’s very funny and Howard has to see it. Howard said he hasn’t seen it yet. Jason said they were going to make a sequel.

Horrible Bosses on IMDb

Spice World

1997 –

Howard said this movie is something else. When judging bad acts on America’s Got Talent, he always asks them if they were in the Spice Girl movie? He says he’s always goofing on Mel B during taping and they cut most of it out.

In 2017, Howard said he’s watching everything Mel B […]

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The (TV Series)

2010 –

One of Howard’s favorite shows. He says he never misses it. He’s had Camille Grammer and Brandi Glanville in studio a few times. Says every reality show needs an asshole, and their the ones who play that role. It’s like the human body-without an asshole, it dies.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on […]