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Heroes (TV Series)

2006 – 2010 –

Howard and Robin loved this series, but said that after the first year they ruined it by giving everyone a superpower.

Heroes on IMDb

Narcos (TV Series)

2015 –

Netflix Series

A caller asked if Howard has seen this series yet. Howard said yes and it’s fantastic. He said it’s about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. He had so much money he couldn’t launder it-he had to bury it. Howard said this series is really great. He even loves the subtitles.

Howard […]

Blunt Talk (TV Series)

2015 – Robin says she’s seen a few episodes and this is really great.

Blunt Talk on IMDb


Straight Outta Compton

2015 – Howard hasn’t seen this yet. Gary said he needs to see it. Howard didn’t want to talk to Gary.

Then JD tells Howard that Straight Out of Compton is really good. He says Sal’s afraid to go see it at a theater, and will wait to see it at home. Howard wonders if […]

I am Chris Farley

2015 – Howard said this documentary is really good. Says that Chris didn’t write any of his stuff on SNL, but he was so funny and his energy was so great that everyone wanted him to write for him and have him be in their scripts.

I am Chris Farley on IMDb

Documentary Now! (TV Series)

2015 – Howard saw one episode where it’s a punk rock band. Says it’s really funny, kind of a throwback to This is Spinal Tap.

Documentary Now! on IMDb

Banshee (TV Series)

2013 –

Robin says it’s great and Howard needs to see. Once Howard finally saw it, he said it’s great.

Tweet from Steve Brandano: When the Mayor bust out a gun three times his own size, you know you’re watching Banshee (side note the new guy fights with a sword)

Banshee on IMDb

Falling Skies (TV Series)

2011 – Howard and Robin both love this series. Robin says it is really good, if you don’t mind the guy with the rubber head. It’s almost a throwback to Lost In Space. Alien is so bad you feel like you can’t watch it anymore. They’d find a shoebox and turn it into a weapon. […]

Midnight Cowboy

1969 – In 2015, Howard says Jon Voight is our best actor. He made this movie a hundred years ago and now is in Ray Donovan, which is so great. Howard said this movie is so depressing. The writer Judith Regan assigned him to help with his book is also named Ratso.

Midnight Cowboy on […]