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Supergirl (TV Series)

2015 –

Howard saw the first show and really liked it, though he was a little disappointed. He usually doesn’t like women with super powers, but liked this one a lot. He didn’t like that they already had kryptonite-it took Lex Luther years to figure that out. And that others had the superpowers, too. They […]

Charlie’s Angels

2000 –

Drew Barrymore was in studio in 2015 and talked about this movie. She’d already known Cameron Diaz for 10 years. She pushed for this movie saying it would be a combination of 16 Candles, Enter the Dragon and Private Parts. She had wanted to work with Betty Thomas because of Private Parts, who […]

Ever After

1998 –

Drew Barrymore was in studio in 2015. She said she read this script after she had flashed David Letterman on his show for her birthday. She felt after that she was starting a new chapter in her life. This story says the Grimms got Cinderella wrong; she was actually a strong woman not […]

Wedding Singer

1998 –

In 2015, Drew Barrymore was in studio talking about getting together with Adam Sandler and telling him they should make some movies together. She said he was hot at the time and could have worked with anyone, but agreed. They went on to make 3 movies together, and she credits her for reviving […]

Begin Again

2013 –

Robin said Adam Levine was really good in this one. Howard said it was really successful because it made a lot of money and didn’t cost hardly anything to make.

Begin Again on IMDb

Fever Pitch

2005 –

Drew Barrymore was in studio in 2015. Gary said that this was one of his favorite movies. It’s the one where he became a really big fan of Drew’s.

Fever Pitch on IMDb

Martian (The)

2015 –

Robin says this is a really good movie. It’s been #1 at the box office for the last 3 weeks. Howard says he hasn’t seen it yet, but wants to and will.

Week of November 2, 2015, Howard said he saw the Martian and loved it. He had the band 5 Seconds of […]

American Hustle

2013 –

Howard and Robin really liked this movie. Howard says Amy Adams is totally fuckable – really hot.

Bradley Cooper was in studio in 2015 and Howard asked him which were his favorite Bradley movies, and he said this one was one of his top 3.

American Hustle on IMDb


1960 –

This is the quintessential movie about the Jews not being wanted anywhere. Fred plays the music from this movie as background when Howard’s telling any kind of Jewish story.

Exodus on IMDb


1971 –

Howard was talking about this movie when talking about David Letterman’s new beard. Says it looks like Woody Allen’s beard in this movie. Sylvester Stallone talked about his big break in having a small part as a thug in this movie and working with Woody Allen.

Bananas on IMDb