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Hateful Eight

2015 – Richard Christy and JD both saw this and said it’s really good. JD tweeted: I have seen “The Hateful Eight”. It is awesome in every way a movie can be awesome. Richard said he could tell JD was enjoying the movie because he was rocking in his seat through the entire movie, and […]

Battlefield Earth

2000 – Not sure if Howard actually ever saw this, but he calls it a total train wreck. It was John Travolta’s brainchild, bringing L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology bullshit to life. Howard was so happy it bombed. He says Scientology really is no different than any other bullshit religion, but it is funny to goof […]

In the Heart of the Sea

2015 –

The Sea (real title: In the Heart of the Sea) movie by Ron Howard is not doing well at the box office. Howard said everyone should talk to him before they make a movie, because he can tell them how to make a hit. This movie has Chris Hemsworth in it, so Ron […]


2015 –

Gary said he really liked this movie and so did the rest of the staff, except JD, who didn’t go. Gary later said he saw it twice, because he had to go back with his wife and he really thought it was funny. Howard said he saw it and it was funny, too. […]

Marathon Man

1976 –

Howard loved this movie. He talks about this movie, especially the scene with the dentist torturing Dustin Hoffman. He says that’s like his childhood. His mother wouldn’t let his dentist use novacaine on him when he’d need a filling. His dentist would plead with his mother to let him use it, but his […]

Damn Yankees

1958 –

Howard sings songs from this one. He says his father would sing the song “Goodbye Ol’ Girl” to his mom every morning before he left for work to torture him. He knew it would make Howard cry, because it’s saying he’s leaving for good, and Howard was a little boy and it would […]


2015 –

King of All Blacks called in to say Chi-Rack is pretty good, but it still has the lame dolly shot. Robin says it’s practically his signature shot. It’s got a person standing still and the background is moving. SternFan Mutt found this clip of these shots from all Spike Lee’s past films. King […]


2015 –

JD Tweeted on 12/4/15, 11:08 PM “Amy“, documentary about Amy Winehouse, is really good. Highly recommend

Amy on IMDb

Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories (TV Series)

2013 –

Richard Christy Tweeted:

12/5/15, 1:52 PM

Crying laughing at the new episode of @timheidecker & @ericwareheim new episode of Bedtime Stories “Tornado” GENIUS!!!

Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories on IMDB


2015 –

In March, 2016 Howard finally saw Creed, and says it’s fantastic. He now understands why Michael Rappaport was so upset that Sylvester Stallone didn’t win the Oscar and got beat by the guy in the Bridge of Spies movie. He says everyone in it deserved an Oscar, even the fighter, but Robin says […]