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Green Lantern

2011 –

Howard and Robin were really disappointed in this movie. When Ryan Reynolds later did Deadpool in 2016 that they really liked, Robin said she had not expected to like it because he had ruined Green Lantern. Howard said that it really wasn’t Ryan Reynolds fault that Green Lantern was so bad.

Green Lantern […]


2015 –

Howard said he couldn’t get through half of Joy; thought it was terrible and boring. Robin liked it.

Joy on IMDb

Brothers Grimsby, The

2016 –

Howard said that the new Sasha Baron Cohen movie, the Brothers Grimsby is really funny and really stupid. Totally ridiculous, and is his kind of movie.

The Brothers Grimsby on imDB


2016 –

Howard and Robin both loved Deadpool; said it was a great movie. Robin said she wasn’t expecting to like it, because Ryan Reynolds had ruined The Green Hornet, though Howard said that wasn’t his fault.

Deadpool on IMDb

Bridge of Spies

2015 –

Howard and Robin say this movie is great. Howard says both Hanks and Speilberg can’t do anything wrong.

Bridge of Spies on IMDb

November Man

2014 –

Howard said November Man is so bad, but he’s watched it twice. His Netflix recommended it-saying if you like action, you’ll like this one.

November Man on IMDb


Irrational Man

2015 –

JD Harmeyer Tweeted: Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man” takes a bit to get off the ground, but I enjoyed it. I recommend it.

Irrational Man on IMDb

Flash (TV Series)

2014 –

Howard loves The Flash, Supergirl and the Green Arrow. But Howard says Flash is the best. He says all these shows are by the same company, so they need to be careful. They all have the same look and vibe. He says the same of Legends of Tomorrow, which he says is just […]

iZombie (TV Series)

2016 –

Robin likes iZombie, but Howard doesn’t. He doesn’t like a “funny” take on zombies. He feel the same way about the new one coming out soon, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

iZombie on IMDb

Boat Trip

2002 –

Cuba Gooding, Jr had been in a 2002 movie with Artie. Artie had bet Howard that Cuba wouldn’t remember he’d made a movie with him. When he came into the studio, Howard asked him if he knew anyone in the room, and Artie was right. Cuba didn’t know remember working with him. This […]