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Vikings (TV Series)

2013 –

Robin has been telling Howard for years he would love this show. Howard said he doesn’t like period pieces.

Vikings on IMDb


2017 –

Howard is watching the History Channel’s Six about the Navy Seals. Robin thinks that one is too violent. Robin said not only the killings, but rape. Howard said it’s only raping when it’s the enemy, but there is very tender loving sex between the Navy Seals and their girlfriends.

Six on IMDb


Becoming Warren Buffett

2017 –

Howard and Robin both said this is an amazing documentary. Really interesting. Howard thought it was great that Warren said if he’d have been born a woman, he wouldn’t have had all the opportunities he’s had. Being a father of three daughters, Howard thought this needs to be addressed, and was thankful that […]


2016 –

Ralph and Robin both really liked Sully. They said it was really good, but agreed with a pilot that was on the phone that he wasn’t a hero for what he did; all pilots are trained to handle that situation, and he was just doing his job.

Sully on IMDb

Drunk, Stoned Brilliant Dead (National Lampoon Documentary)

2016 –

Robin and JD say the documentary on National Lampoon, Drunk, Stoned Brilliant Dead is really good, and that Howard needs to see it.

Drunk, Stoned Brilliant Dead on IMDB