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2017 –

JD Tweeted: “Dunkirk” in 70 mm IMAX is fucking awesome.

Dunkirk on IMDb

Oasis: Supersonic

2016 –

Howard and Gary said the documentary about Oasis: Supersonic is really good.

Oasis: Supersonic on IMDb

Wind River

2017 –

Howard said he saw the new Jeremy Rener movie, Wind River is really good. He said he saw it last weekend and can’t stop thinking about it.

Wind River on IMDb

Man in the High Castle (Amazon Series)

2015 –

Howard and Fred really likes Man in the High Castle. Robin couldn’t get into it. October of 2018, Howard said he’s really excited that Amazon Prime is releasing the 3rd season of Man in the High Castle. Gary and Fred watch it, too. Howard said it’s because Fred likes to think Nazis winning […]

Good Time

2017 –

Robert Pattinson was in studio, plugging his latest movie Good Time. Howard said it was a great movie; the guy’s such a bumbling crook.

Good Time on iMDb

Atomic Blonde

2017 –

Charlize Theron is in studio to plug her new movie, Atomic Blonde, which Howard said was great and if you’re a fan of action, speed chasing movies, this is the one to see. He says she plays a lesbian in it. Charlize says the character is bisexual. Howard said she was way more […]

Day of the Dead

1985 –

In 2017, they were talking about the death of the man they call the father of the zombie films, George A. Romero. He made the first, Night of the Living Dead. Howard said he didn’t like zombie stories until the Walking Dead, but Robin loved this movie. Richard Christy then came in and […]

War for the Planet of the Apes

2017 –

Howard got to see the new Planet of the Apes movie, War for the Planet of the Apes and loved it. Says he loves talking apes, especially Caesar. He gives it a big thumbs up. He loves it that the apes are so much better than humans. They’re smart, they talk, yet they […]

Logan (Wolverine movie)

2017 –

Howard and Robin were talking that they both liked and would recommend Logan and Doctor Strange.

Logan on IMDb