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…And Justice for All

1979 – Howard and Robin think this is a great movie, especially when Al Pacino yells in the courtroom “You’re out of order!” Jeffrey Tambor was in GEEKTIME! studios and said that this was his first movie, and so cool that he got to work with Al Pacino.

…And Justice for All on iMDb

A Place in the Sun

1951 –

In 2015, Robin’s going to be hosting a Turner Classic Movie Night. Howard asked her which movies she’s picking: Place in the Sun, Philadelphia Story and Born Yesterday. Howard confused Philadelphia Story with Philadelphia and wondered why she’d pick that depressing movie, and she explained the Philadelphia Story is a comedy. She said […]

A Quiet Place

2018 –

Doesn’t really like scary movies, but really a cool Twilight Zone like vibe. Gary told him to watch it. The director and star are married in real life, and he’s concerned because of how Gili turned out-they were divorced the second the movie came out. But he’s happy for them. This movie is […]

A Star Is Born (2018)

2018 –

Howard and Robin say the new A Star is Born is really good. Howard and Robin say. They were both surprised to hear Bradley could sing. They knew Lady Gaga could, but who knew she could act? They both said it was an excellent movie.

A Star Is Born on IMDb

Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man, and others

1951 – Other movies that are pretty interchangeable: Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; A & C Meet Frankenstein; A & C Meet the Killer Boris KarloffBoth, A & C Go to Mars. Artie and Gilbert Gottfried do killer imitations of a scared Costello trying to tell Abbott to look behind him, […]

About a Boy

2002 –

In 2016, Hugh Grant was in studio and Howard and Robin told him that About a Boy was one of the best movies ever.

About a Boy on IMDb

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

2012 – Don’t know if Howard ever saw this, but he and the crew goofed on the title. When Howard went to see Spielberg’s Lincoln, Howard said it was so boring, it made him want to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

On the SuperFan Round Table, SternFan Mutt said that Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was […]

Accountant, The

2016 –

Howard and Robin both saw The Accountant and said it was really good. Howard said it wasn’t a perfect movie; you could pick it apart, but it’s really good.

The Accountant on IMDb

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

1994 – Howard and Robin loved this movie. They used to see Jim Carrey in the studio all the time, but after this movie came out, they correctly predicted they wouldn’t see him again. David Spade was in studio and he said while working on SNL, he was doing the Hollywood Minute, and made a […]

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

1995 – Howard and Robin tell when Jim Carrey would wait in the halls every day and try and get on the show, and how they told him they knew when he made it big he’d never return. He said that wasn’t true, but he hasn’t come back.

David Allen Grier was in studio, and […]