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1984 – This movie is considered so bad that it has its own yearly celebration in Los Angeles, and Jay Thomas is always asked to appear after the showing of the movie. He says during the entire screening, people are screaming at the screen, heckling everybody in the movie, all the special effects and the […]

Cabin Boy

1994 – Howard says this is one of the worst movies ever.

Cabin Boy on IMDb

Cable Guy

1996 – David Spade was in studio, and he said that Chris Farley had originally been approached to do this movie for $3 million, but he was locked in a half-million two movie deal and was set to do Black Sheep. He tried to get out of it, but couldn’t.

Sal was compared to The […]


1980 Another great Rodney role. Artie loves to recite the dialogue between Rodney and Ted. When Stuttering John beat Tom Chiusano in golf, Artie started quoting parts of this movie.

Thanks to for Howard’s thoughts on Harold Ramis’ Death. 02/25/14. 6:35am:

“Howard said Harold Ramis is like the Beatles to him. He said […]

Call Me By Your Name


He said both Ladybird and Call Me By Your Name were both really good. They were both coming of age films, and excellent. He and Robin had a discussion about Call Me By Your Name about if the guy was truly gay.

Call Me By Your Name on IMDb

Can’t Buy Me Love

1987 – Howard loves this movie. He compares it to his awful high school years, when he’d either stay home every Saturday night and watch TV, or go over to some of his loser friend’s house to sit around and play cards. They’d smoke cigars and talk about what they’d do to all the hot […]

Cannonball Run


In 2013, Hal Needham died. Howard said he was Burt Reynolds’ stuntman for years and then approached Burt and asked if he could direct, and Burt said sure. He was highly paid and friends with Burt, who was dating Sally Fields at the time. He directed Smokey and the Bandit. There wasn’t even a […]

Cape Fear

1991 – Robert De Niro has a great evil laugh that Fred plays for his sound bytes. Howard said at one point that Ralph was crazy laughing like Robert De Niro from this movie while next to Howard trying to sleep in a plane. Ralph was watching The Walking Dead and laughing like crazy.

On […]

Capitalism: A Love Story

2009 – Howard always supports Michael Moore’s movies. He had him on the phone when this came out to plug the film.

Capitalism: A Love Story on iMDb



2005 – Howard thought Phillip Seymour Hoffman did a fantastic job as Truman Capote; capturing his essence, but not doing the impersonation of how Capote appeared when on talk shows back in the 60’s.

Capote on IMDb