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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

2016 –

Howard saw Batman v Superman and said Ben Affleck was good as Batman, but the first half of the movie sucked. 2nd half was ok.

Robin said Batman v Superman is really good. She says Ben Affleck is the best Batman ever. Howard said in an interview, Ben said his 4 year old […]

Batman-Dark Knight Series

Howard and his crew and Geektime loved all 3 of these movies. Christian Bale’s gravely voice as Batman was hard to understand in the first two movies. On GEEKTIME! the director of The Dark Knight Rises said he used an IMax camera and had the camera move to get all the effects.

There was a […]

D.C. Cab

1983 – Paul Rodrigues was in studio and was telling a story about when he went to the premier of this movie, he walked into a bathroom and saw Marion Barry, the then mayor of D.C. with cocaine. He said he didn’t actually see him snort it, but he definitely was with it. His story […]

Daddy Day Care

2003 –

Jeff Garlin was in studio in 2014 and talked about making Daddy Day Care with Eddie Murphy, who he says is brilliantly funny, and it kills him he doesn’t make funny movies or do stand up anymore. He says it was so bad, when he had to do press, he would just say […]

Daddy’s Home

2015 –

Howard said he watched this movie over the Christmas break and it was really funny. Says it was so fucking stupid, but he laughed his ass off.

Daddy’s Home on IMDb

Dallas Buyers Club

2013 – Robin said she saw Dallas Buyers Club, which was released early as well because to be eligible for the Screen Actors Guild awards. She says that Matthew McConaughay is actually acting now. He used to just run around with his shirt off and now he can act.

Jay Thomas loved Dallas Buyer’s Club. […]

Damn Yankees

1958 –

Howard sings songs from this one. He says his father would sing the song “Goodbye Ol’ Girl” to his mom every morning before he left for work to torture him. He knew it would make Howard cry, because it’s saying he’s leaving for good, and Howard was a little boy and it would […]

Dances With Wolves

1990 – Howard and Robin love this movie. One of Howard’s favorites. He goofs on Kevin Costner directing and starring in this movie and how self-important he is, but many times when they talk about great movies, this is one of the ones that comes up. Howard thought this movie had the same story as […]

Dancing at Lughnasa

1998 – During Robin’s news, a clip was played of Meryl Street plugging this movie, talking about having to learn an Irish accent. Howard listened, then said that she never sounded like much fun.

Dancing at Lughnasa on IMDb

Danish Girl, The

2015 –

Howard said this is a really good movie. Says that Eddie Redmayne is a great actor. He’s the guy that was in that Stephen Hawking movie, The Theory of Everything. Howard says that he usually says that anyone can play disabled, but he is really good. Robin said that he wasn’t disabled throughout […]