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8 Mile

2002 – Howard really liked this movie. He loves Eminem’s music–used it while he was posing for pictures. Said it got him in the mood. He says Kim Basinger is still hot, and can’t believe she’s playing a mother of an adult child already. They also talked about this movie when John Lieberman and Sal […]

Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years, The

2016 –

Robin said in 2017 that she watched this and it was incredible. All in the studio agreed.

The Beatles, Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years on iMDb


E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

1982 -Howard likes to talk about how cute Drew Barrymore was in this movie, as she’s only a kid. And what a shame that she grew up crazy. Being from a famous family didn’t help her. He says her mother was a monster. Howard, Fred and Jackie wrote a movie parody of this movie, BT, […]

Eastern Promises

Howard and Robin thought this was another great Mafia movie, set in Eastern Europe. Robin loved sauna scene where Viggo is completely naked and is viciously attacked. The fight scene was particularly fun to watch with the different angles.

Eastern Promises on IMDb

Eat, Pray, Love

2010 – Henry Winkler was in studio and said he sat behind the beautiful Beth Stern in the movie theater while watching this horrible movie. Howard said that Beth loved it, and that he’d cried during it. But he later said it was a bit of a bore. Robin said the book was good.

Ed Wood

1994 – Howard and Robin think this is a great movie about the making of the terrible horror B-movies of the 50’s with the crappy special effects and worse acting. Fred plays the clips of Martin Landau’s Bela Lugosi’s character screaming “Fuck You!” “Bull Shit!” and “Side Kick? Karloff doesn’t deserve to smell my shit!” […]

Edge of Seventeen

2016 –

Howard watched Edge of Seventeen over the weekend with Beth and really liked it. It had the girl that was in the remake of True Grit. He said it was like an old John Hughes movie about a girl who is furious at a friend for dating her brother.

Edge of Seventeen on […]


2005 – Howard was talking about this movie in 2013 and said he’s watched this movie 5 times. Robin said it’s no good, but Howard says he digs Jennifer Garner and he’s into anything superhero. He was wondering if the daughter in this movie is a young Jennifer Lawrence, but Gary said it wasn’t. But […]

Elephant Man, The

1980 – Howard loves this movie. Loves to talk like the Elephant Man in his retard voice. Tried to get Bradley Cooper, who’d playing the role on Broadway, to go head to head with dueling Elephant Mans, but Bradley refused. Howard also made a great phony phone call to try and buy the Elephant Man’s […]


2003 – Artie has a cameo as an obnoxious department store Santa. He says he loves that he gets a royalty check every Christmas when the movie’s aired again and again.

Jon Favreau was on the phone and said this movie cost $35 mil to make, it made over $170, but somehow the studio says […]