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Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll

1987 –

Talking about the death of Chuck Berry in 2017, and Howard said the documentary Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll with Keith Richards is great. It shows what a dick Chuck was. He and Keith almost get into a fist fight, but Richards loved being with him anyway; he was such a […]

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

1964 – This is one that the entire crew loves. When Siskel and Ebert were in the movie, Ebert used this movie as an example of the perfect, original movie.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb on IMDb

Hacksaw Ridge

2016 –

Howard finally saw Hacksaw Ridge, even though he hates Mel Gibson. He wanted to see it, because he’s been reading a lot about WW2, and he hates the fact that he loved it, but it was a good movie. Gary said he liked it too.

Hacksaw Ridge on IMDb

Half Baked

1998 – Jim Breuer said that the movie Half Baked turned into something much bigger than any one ever thought. Jim said it was the funniest script he’d ever read and if the movie was half as good as the script it will be amazing. Jim told Dave Chappell stories, saying the camera should have […]

Halloween (2018)

2018 –

Howard says there’s a big argument in the back about the new Halloween movie. Everyone thinks it’s terrible except Richard, who loves it.

Ralph tweeted: HALLOWEEN (2018) In a lot of ways it was a bit of a STUMBLE. Some good moments, but a VERY weak story with A LOT implausible & ridiculous […]

Halloween, Halloween II

On GEEKTIME!, Ralph says he loves these movies, and these are the best movies to watch around Halloween, along with Abott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

On the Wrap Up Show on St. Patrick’s Day, Richard Christy said the T Shirt in Halloween Season of the Witch was made by an Irish company.

On Halloween 2014, […]

Hamilton’s America

2016 –

Robin saw a documentary on the making of Hamilton, Hamilton’s America that she said was really fascinating. Howard said based on what Robin is saying, he knows he won’t see it. He said he loves history, but he passes out whenever he hears someone talk about it. He said he read Bruce Sprinsteen’s […]


2008 – Howard and Robin said they liked this movie when it came out. In 2013, Jason Bateman was in studio and Howard said that this movie had bombed. Robin reminded him that it had done pretty well at the box office. Howard asked Jason what it was like kissing Charlize, and Jason said that […]

Handmaid’s Tale (TV Series)

2017 –

On the WUS, they all said the first 3 episodes of Handmaid’s Tale was really good.

Handmaid’s Tale on IMDb

Hands of Stone

2016 –

Usher was in studio to plug this movie. Howard said he watched it and it was really good. Usher plays Sugar Ray Leonard. He said this was a classic Robert De Niro performance.

Hands of Stone on IMDb