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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

1997 – When this movie first came out, Howard loved it. He said it was one of those great movies. When it was revealed that Gary had made a love tape and they were setting up a screening, Howard said it was like the first Austin Powers movie–it was so good you could watch it […]

Avengers: Infinity War

2018 –

Jason saw this and said it was the best superhero movie ever. Said it was great, and that he saw it in a theater where they bring you your food right to your seat. But then Howard talked to him about all that he ate during the movie, and Howard said it turns […]

Hulk, The & Incredible Hulk, The

Howard and Robin didn’t like either of these movies. Say that the Hulk character isn’t interesting enough to carry an entire movie. When The Avengers came out, they said that was just the right amount of Hulk, and Robin said that now she loved the character. They thought Edward Norton did a better job in […]

I am Chris Farley

2015 – Howard said this documentary is really good. Says that Chris didn’t write any of his stuff on SNL, but he was so funny and his energy was so great that everyone wanted him to write for him and have him be in their scripts.

I am Chris Farley on IMDb

I am Sam

2001 – Howard’s goofed on this movie theme, and the actors who take these roles of the retarded assuming they’ll be a shoe-in for an Academy Award. Howard keeps telling Hollywood to give him a chance at a retarded role–he could do it as well as anybody. The guys cut up a tape of Howard […]

I Feel Pretty

2018 –

Amy Schumer was in studio to plug her new movie I Feel Pretty. Gary said it was really funny.

I Feel Pretty on IMDb

I Heart Huckabees

2004 – This is the movie from which the sound byte of Lily Tomlin having her meltdown in the car and Dustin Hoffman’s trying to calm her down before filming a scene. Robin said she should have been yelling at the director, because it was the worst movie ever.

Jonah Hill was in studio and […]

I Smile Back

2015 –

In 2017, Sarah Silverman was in studio complaining that Howard never watches her stuff, and Howard said he watches all her standup specials and loves them. He said he had sent her a note that he and Beth really liked the movie she did I Smile Back.

Sarah Silverman was in studio plugging […]

I Was a Teenage Werewolf

1957 – Though Howard likens his transformation from cute kid to his post puberty self as “Teen Wolf,” I think he is really referencing this movie. Howard said he should have looked like the lead from the Twilight series, but instead was hit by a flying Gefilte fish. This is one of those bad B […]

I, Frankenstein

2014 – In Nov 2013, Robin’s news: Robin says the new Frankenstein movie is going to have a good looking monster. Aaron Eckhart is going to be playing him. Howard says that makes about as much sense as The Thing With 2 Heads. He says that’s crazy-maybe he’s playing Franken-STEEN from Young Frankenstein. Robin says […]