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Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond-Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton

2017 –

James Franco was in studio and talked about watching the Andy and Jim documentary, the documentary about the making of the Man on the Moon, saying it was kind of like how it was playing Tommy Wiseau while directing the movie as Tommy Wiseau.

Howard had already talked about how great this documentary […]

Karate Kid 1, 2, 3 & 4 (and remake)

This is one of Howard and Artie’s favorite movies. They say the original is one of the best movies about a bullied kid who beats up the bullies in the end, and of course, Howard loves that. He even loved the remake with Will Smith’s kid. He was prepared to hate this remake, especially since […]

Kentucky Fried Movie

1977 – Richard loved this movie-one of his favorites. Howard says this is a 70’s comedy classic. He mentioned it in 2013 when Movie 43 was coming out. He said it had a series of tasteless vignettes and lots of stars like the old Kentucky Fried Movie. In March 2013, one of the people sitting […]

Kick Ass 2

2013 – Howard loves Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura. Now Jim Carery’s coming out against his next movie, Kick Ass 2, because he says now it’s too violent. Howard said Jim read the statement out of his ass. Howard and Robin think something’s going on because it’s the same script he Jim read when he […]

Kids Are All Right, The

2010 – Robin says Annette Benning’s and Warren Beatty’s daughter is transgender and awaiting an operation. Reports are they are splitting, but deny that. Robin says she’s out plugging her new movie The Kids Are Alright. Later, after the movie came out, Robin said it was really good.

The Kids Are Alright on IMDb

Kill Bill: Vol 1 & 2

Kill Bill: Vol 1 on IMDb 2003

Kill Bill: Vol 2 on IMDb 2004

Howard and Robin loved these movies. Howard had Quentin Tarantino on, and said that the movie was filmed so beautifully, any still in the picture could have been framed.

Replay of Darryl Hanna, Quentin Tarrantino interview when they were promoting Kill […]

Killing Them Softly

2012 – . Howard says the new Brad Pitt movie Killing Them Softly isn’t doing well at the box office, and Robin says it’s because it’s one of those movies where nothing happens and there’s lots of talking. Howard says there’s no vampires, spidermen or even Lincoln to make it exciting.

Killing Them Softly on […]

King and I, The

1956 – Yul Brynner made a public service announcement when he learned he was dying of lung cancer, which he blamed on smoking. Howard and Robin talk about him being known mostly for this movie. Fred will play the songs and sometimes Howard will break into the songs of “Shall We Dance” and “Getting to […]

King of Comedy

1983 – Robert De Niro plays Rupert Pupkin in this movie, and Fred uses the sound byte of his demonic-sounding laugh often. When Sandra Bernhard has been on the show, Howard always talks about how much he loved this movie and what a pain in the ass Jerry Lewis is. Paul Rodriguez was on the […]

King of the Road on Viceland


In 2017, JD Tweeted: I’m a bit behind on things, but I’m telling you, “King of the Road” on Viceland is still one of the best shows on TV today.

King of the Road on IMDb