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Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

2012 – Don’t know if Howard ever saw this, but he and the crew goofed on the title. When Howard went to see Spielberg’s Lincoln, Howard said it was so boring, it made him want to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

On the SuperFan Round Table, SternFan Mutt said that Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was […]

Anchorman & Anchorman 2

2004 – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy on IMDb Howard and Robin love the movie. Howard said the best scene is when Ron Burgundy gets a boner when he’s talking to Christina Applegate and he blames it on the crease in his pants. He says he loves the movie. It’s so stupid, and stupid […]

Behind the Candelabra, The Liberace Story (TV Movie)

2013 – Howard says he is so looking forward to seeing this one. He says he can’t wait to see Matt Damon and Michael Douglas make out. JD Harmeyer gives Behind the Candleabra 5 out of 5 Um’s.

Howard said he saw Behind the Candleabra, and it’s really good. When he first started watching, he […]

La Bamba

1987 – Howard told Lou Diamond Phillips this was a great movie and he was great as Ritchie Valens in it. When he was in studio in 1998 to plug The Big Hit, all Howard could talk to him about was his ex-wife who left him for Melissa Etheridge. Howard thought that was the worst […]

La La Land

2016 –

Howard said Casey Affleck’s movie Manchester By the Sea is depressing, and Robin shouldn’t watch. Howard said La La Land is the only movie Robin is allowed to watch. He thinks Emma Stone is really hot. Howard said the writer for La La Land also wrote Whiplash.

La La Land on IMDb


Labor Day

2013 – Howard says somehow he got a preview from the studio of the new Jason Reitman movie Labor Day is a really good romantic movie by Jason Reitman. Josh Brolin and Kate Winslett. Howard says it’s very good. It’s a chick flick and girls will love it. Howard loves romance.

Labor Day on IMDb


Lady Bird

2017 –

Howard said he and Beth really liked this movie.

Lady Bird on IMDb

Lady Chatterly’s Lover

1981 – Richard Belzer’s wife is in this movie, and Howard always says that his wife is a porn star because of this movie, and Richard always protests that this isn’t pornography.

Adam West from the 60’s Batman TV Series called in when Batman with Michael Keaton was released. Adam West was in Lady Chatterly’s […]

Lady in the Water

2006 – Paul Giamatti was in studio to plug this movie and said it was really good. Later when he was in to plug Barney’s Version, he admitted that it wasn’t this hadn’t been a very good movie. Said he thought it was going to be good until he saw the finalized movie. M. Knight […]


1992 – Gilbert Gottfried was in studio in 2012, and said that this movie was the beginning of the end for Rodney when it came to movies.