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101 Dalmations

1996 – Tom Chiusano was talking about the two movies he goes to with his wife every weekend, one a comedy and one a heavy one. He said 101 Dalmations was ok, but the real fun of seeing the movie was the kids in the movie theater who were loving it, and that he was […]

127 Hours

2010 – Howard had said this movie would be a horrible movie to sit through. James Franco was in studio in 2013, and Howard said he did great in that movie playing a fucking lunatic climbing a rock. James said that he would never climb a rock like that; Howard said neither would he, and […]

Kings of Comedy (The Original)

2000- David Spade was in studio, and was complaining about this movie. He said the black comedians can make jokes about the white man, making them all nerds, law-abiding citizens, but if he ever even started a joke saying “Did you ever see a black man doing…” he’d get a telegram immediately saying he was […]

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

2000 – Again, Howard says another great Coen Brother’s movie. Said it was very funny. George Clooney plays great action and comedy. When the soundtrack got to be really big, Howard said he didn’t get that music of the Soggy Bottom Boys.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? on IMDb

Oasis: Supersonic

2016 –

Howard and Gary said the documentary about Oasis: Supersonic is really good.

Oasis: Supersonic on IMDb


Ralph tweeted Oblivion was good, not great, but better than the lesser “OK”, but earlier had given it a solid ok. He said it has some “really great design and effects, and the DVD extra “making of” is GREAT”. Said it had a “GATTACA vibe to it….just needed some script work…never really GRABBED me. Interesting […]

Octopussy (007 James Bond)

Image by Doc Ivan

1983 -Howard likes all the James Bond movies, though Roger Moore’s not his favorite 007. Says he’s not as smooth as Sean Connery, and Howard likes Daniel Craig’s portrayal best. Robin thinks Daniel Craig is the best looking 007, but Sean Connery is the best. Howard likes all the […]

OJ: Made in America

2016 –

Robin loved this documentary. Gary, too. Said that they’d forgotten how beloved OJ had been at that time.

Tweet by JD: Some things don’t live up to the hype…..OJ: Made In America TOTALLY lives up to the hype. Great work by @ezraedelman

OJ: Made in America on IMDB

Olive Kitteridge (TV)

2014 –

Howard had the guy who plays the Riddler in Gotham, Cory Michael Smith, in the studio and he mentioned he was in one episode this mini series. Robin and Howard both said this was excellent.

Olive Kitteridge on IMDb

Olympus Has Fallen

2013 -Howard and Robin saw this on opening weekend and both said it was great. They thought it was like Die Hard in the White House. Said it was not much for woman, except for looking at Gerard Butler. The violence in it looks like a video game. Howard says that’s why it’s great, there […]