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A Place in the Sun

1951 –

In 2015, Robin’s going to be hosting a Turner Classic Movie Night. Howard asked her which movies she’s picking: Place in the Sun, Philadelphia Story and Born Yesterday. Howard confused Philadelphia Story with Philadelphia and wondered why she’d pick that depressing movie, and she explained the Philadelphia Story is a comedy. She said […]

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

1994 – Howard and Robin loved this movie. They used to see Jim Carrey in the studio all the time, but after this movie came out, they correctly predicted they wouldn’t see him again. David Spade was in studio and he said while working on SNL, he was doing the Hollywood Minute, and made a […]

Alan Partridge

2013 –

JD tweeted that he saw Alan Partridge and said it was one of he funniest movies he’s seen in years.

Alan Partridge on IMDb

Attack of the Clones (Star Wars II)

1999, 2002 and 2005 All 3 movies are a total waste of time, according to Howard’s show and GEEKTIME!.. The character of Jar-Jar Binks was painful to watch. Ewen McGregor was a guest to plug the “Big Fish”, and Howard asked him if, at any time during the filming of the Star Wars movies, was […]

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

2014 –

Howard and Robin both didn’t like the new Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, though they really liked the first one.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes on IMDb

Howard Stern’s Private Parts

1997 – Howard says this is the only truly perfect movie. Howard has told so many stories about the making of this movie, and even twittered during a recent showing on cable–way too many to list. He had the man that was his boss Moti in the house in studio with his sons, and Howard […]

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Image by Doc Ivan

2010 – Howard thought this was a fascinating, honest look at Joan Rivers’ life. He thought that she has an incredibly sad life.

After Joan died in Sept 2014, Howard opened the show remembering Joan Rivers. He said she would be happy that her documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece […]

Pacific Rim

2013 – On 7.29.13 Howard said he saw this movie and loved it. Said he thinks Robin would love it. Thinks it’s not doing well at the box office. Robin said it made $22.4 million, but cost $200 million to make. It did make $224 million worldwide, but only $84 million in the US. Howard […]

Pain & Gain

2013 – Mark Wahlberg was in studio before this movie was released. He told Howard he was really proud of this one, and Howard said that he only comes in to plug the good ones.

Pain & Gain on IMDb

Palo Alto

2013 –

Thanks again to James Franco in studio to plug Palo Alto which opens on May 9th. James is on Broadway in Of Mice And Men until July. He said he has a book of poetry called Directing Herbert White: Poems. His co star in Palo Alto , Emma Roberts, was in American […]