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A Star Is Born (2018)

2018 –

Howard and Robin say the new A Star is Born is really good. Howard and Robin say. They were both surprised to hear Bradley could sing. They knew Lady Gaga could, but who knew she could act? They both said it was an excellent movie.

A Star Is Born on IMDb

Adventures of Serial Buddies (or Serial Buddies)

2011 – Maria Menounos was in studio to plug this movie that her boyfriend Keven wrote and directed. Richard Christy has a small role as a skin head. Artie Lange also has a small role as a brother of one of the buddies. Keven said that Artie came in to film 2 days before he […]

Adventures of Superman, The TV Series

1952 – 1958

Howard hated the old Batman TV series that was a campy version of Batman. He wanted it to be taken seriously. Robin said she watched it because of the great actors they got to play villains. Jon Hein interviewed Adam West one time and he got pissed when asked about the campiness […]

Amazing Spiderman, The

2012 – Howard said he really liked this one. He was disappointed that they didn’t move on with the story, though. It again wastes time starting with him getting him powers. He liked Emma Stone much better than Kirsten Dunst in the Tobey McGuire Spider-Man movies.

The Amazing Spiderman on IMDb

Attack of the Clones (Star Wars II)

1999, 2002 and 2005 All 3 movies are a total waste of time, according to Howard’s show and GEEKTIME!.. The character of Jar-Jar Binks was painful to watch. Ewen McGregor was a guest to plug the “Big Fish”, and Howard asked him if, at any time during the filming of the Star Wars movies, was […]

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

1999 – Howard says he doesn’t get these Austin Powers movies, but Fred plays sound bytes from them all the time. He loves the Fat Bastard and Mini Me, Verne Troyer sound bytes. Originally, Howard said he loved these movies, said he could watch the original movie 20 times it was so good, but later […]

Howard Stern’s Private Parts

1997 – Howard says this is the only truly perfect movie. Howard has told so many stories about the making of this movie, and even twittered during a recent showing on cable–way too many to list. He had the man that was his boss Moti in the house in studio with his sons, and Howard […]

In the Heart of the Sea

2015 –

The Sea (real title: In the Heart of the Sea) movie by Ron Howard is not doing well at the box office. Howard said everyone should talk to him before they make a movie, because he can tell them how to make a hit. This movie has Chris Hemsworth in it, so Ron […]

Kong: Skull Island

2017 –

The back office did go see Kong: Skull Island. Jason loved it, but Memet hated it. They saw it in 4D, where the chairs moved and you get splashed with water. Howard says that it would be awful. That’s just like sitting in the audience of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Kong: Skull […]

Man of Steel (Superman)

2013 – Ralph saw this movie before it came out, and said that the first 50 minutes is boring. Howard is disgusted that they’re redoing this movie only to tell the same origins story that’s been told a million times. He says to get on with the story already! Seth Rogen was in to plug […]