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Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey

2012 –

In November, 2014, Ralph tweeted: OH GREAT! ANOTHER HOBBIT movie…can’t wait to not see it #3andOUT

Howard said in early 2013 that this movie was the third most pirated movie of that past weekend. He said it looks boring. Ralph from GEEKTIME! says it looks like a borefest. Jon Hein and Steve Brandano […]

Star Trek: I, II, III, IV, V & VI

Howard, Robin and Fred love these movies, though they and GEEKTIME! agree that the even numbered movies are the good ones. I is boring with the long shots of the new Enterprise, and V is the one that William Shatner directed. They say he wanted to direct after Leonard Nimoy directed IV that was about […]


2000 – Matthew McConaughey was in studio and Howard asked him about being arrested for playing bongos naked while high at home. Howard said he saw him in U-571 which he said was really good, but Howard first started hearing about him after Time To Kill He dated Ashley Judd after that for awhile. Robin […]

U.S. vs. John Lennon, The

2006 -Robin said this was a great documentary about John’s commitment to the anti-war movement.

The U.S. vs. John Lennon on IMDb


1989 –

In 2016, Weird Al was in studio, and they talked about his movie that bombed at the box office, but is now a cult classic, UHF. On the Wrap-Up Show, they said they liked the movie.


Umbrella Academy (Netflix Series)

2019 –

Robin says The Umbrella Academy is really good.

The Umbrella Academy on IMdb


2000 – Howard and Robin loved this movie. This was M. Night Shyamalan’s follow up to the 6th Sense, and everyone thought this man could do no wrong (before Lady in the Water). Again, anything connected to superheros, Howard loves. Especially since this is a take on the superheros that Howard and Robin said they […]

Undateable (TV Series)

2014 –

Tweet from JD Harmeyer (@jdharm) on 12/5/15, 9:24 PM

Yet another tv show I forgot to mention the other day that I watch: “Undateable” on NBC. Some of the funnest tv I’ve seen. Very funny

Undateable on IMDb

Under Siege

1992 – Howard would always goof on Beyond the Valley of the Dolls whenever Roger Ebert came in studio. Roger always defends his writing of that movie, saying it’s still very original. He said it’s more original that Pretty Woman and Under Siege, which he says are just rewrites of old stories, both written by […]

Under the Dome (TV Series)

2013 –

Howard also saw Stephen King’s Under the Dome TV series and loved it. Richard came in bragging that he’d read the 1,000 page book.

Howard said he loved Under the Dome and that Robin needs to see it. A caller said he’s almost through the book, and Howard again says reading books ruins […]