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Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

2012 – Don’t know if Howard ever saw this, but he and the crew goofed on the title. When Howard went to see Spielberg’s Lincoln, Howard said it was so boring, it made him want to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

On the SuperFan Round Table, SternFan Mutt said that Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was […]

Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The

2010 – Robin sees all these movies and cries at each one. She hates the fact that they have that affect on her, as they’re not good movies, but she cries every time she sees them. She thought this one was particularly annoying, as it was in 3D, and crying in those glasses was a […]

King of the Road on Viceland


In 2017, JD Tweeted: I’m a bit behind on things, but I’m telling you, “King of the Road” on Viceland is still one of the best shows on TV today.

King of the Road on IMDb

Star Trek: I, II, III, IV, V & VI

Howard, Robin and Fred love these movies, though they and GEEKTIME! agree that the even numbered movies are the good ones. I is boring with the long shots of the new Enterprise, and V is the one that William Shatner directed. They say he wanted to direct after Leonard Nimoy directed IV that was about […]

V for Vendetta

Steve Brandano says that V for Vendetta is good. Robin said that Howard had seen it, and then Howard remembered and said it was good.

V for Vendetta on IMDb

Van Helsing (TV Series)

2016 –

Howard said he’s watching Van Helsing on the Netflix channel, and it’s awful, but he’s loving it.

Van Helsing on IMDb


2012 –

Howard doesn’t get VEEP. Robin said that’s a great show, probably the best sitcom on TV now, but Howard doesn’t like it.


Vera Drake

2004 –

Howard was on a rant about how bad things were for poor women before abortion was made legal. Robin said if you want to know how bad it was, watch the movie Vera Drake. Howard said he can’t watch that. He said women of means have always had a way to get an […]

Vicky Christina Barcelona

2008 – Howard and Robin really liked this movie. Howard thinks Penelope Cruz is really beautiful.

IMDb link to Vicky Christina Barcelona

Vikings (TV Series)

2013 –

Robin has been telling Howard for years he would love this show. Howard said he doesn’t like period pieces.

Vikings on IMDb