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1983 –

Howard has always loved this movie. Says that forget Barbra Streisand’s singing, she’s a great director.

Yentl on IMDb

Funny Lady

1975 – James Caan was in studio and Howard asked him if he’d fucked Barbra. He said no, that he respected her too much. Howard asked if he worried about his singing, having to sing with her, and he said no, he just sang. He knows he’s not a singer, but says he got a […]

Mirror Has Two Faces, The

1996 – Roger Ebert was in studio right after this movie was released. He said that Barbra Streisand gets a bad rap for being narcissistic. He says everyone making movies is narcissistic. He gets more letters from men wanting certain actresses to show more legs, and then when she does, they pick on her. Howard […]

Prince of Tides, The

1991 – Howard talks about liking Barbra Streisand as a director and actor, but hates her as a singer. He likes the story of a therapist falling in love with one of her clients, says that’s his fantasy. Gary talks about this movie when he wonders what KC would be like during a therapy session.


Guilt Trip, The

2012 – Howard was talking about wanting to travel, but then said he really doesn’t. He asked Robin if he’d seen about that movie with Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand The Guilt Trip where they go to the Grand Canyon and then he wonders how long they have to stand there after they’ve driven so […]