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I, Tonya

2017 –

Howard, Robin and Ralph all loved this movie. Ralph says the Allison Janney mom is kind of like Darth Vader. They say it’s a great movie, but who’s going to want to see a movie about Tonya Harding? But if you find it, it’s great. Says that at the end and they show […]

Snakes on a Plane

2006 –

Samuel L. Jackson was in studio in 2016, and Robin asked him how he ended up in the movie Snakes on a Plane, and he answered her “How could you NOT be in that?” He said it was a movie that he would have paid to see as a kid, and that’s one […]

Daddy’s Home

2015 –

Howard said he watched this movie over the Christmas break and it was really funny. Says it was so fucking stupid, but he laughed his ass off.

Daddy’s Home on IMDb


2015 – Caller said Ant-Man was good. Howard said he’d tried to get rights for that movie from Marvel about 15 yrs ago. He said he’d always loved that comic as a kid, though it was never popular. Later, Paul Rudd was in studio talking about the movie. Michael Douglas is in the movie, too, […]


2013 – Robin saw the Linda Lovelace movie with Amanda Seyfried – but Robin can’t remember if she was naked, but figured she must have been. Movie about Linda Lovelace has to turn out badly, so it’s not a fun movie, kind of a bummer. She’s beaten and abused and the guy’s all on drugs […]

Blue Jasmine

2013 -Louis CK was in studio before the movie came out, in April 2013. He told the story of being asked by Woody Allen to audition/read for the movie. Howard couldn’t believe that Woody would have the nerve to ask him to audition, but Louis said that Woody had said this character was too unlikable, […]