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Little Nicky

2000 – Howard says he has never gotten any Adam Sandler movie.

In 2014, Kevin Nealon was in studio. Howard was talking about him being in all of Adam Sandler’s movies always being in humiliating roles. He said he was in Little Nicky as Titface, with a prosthetic breast coming from his nose. He said […]

Natural Born Killers

1994 – In Robin’s news, a man who killed his family reported that he watched Natural Born Killers over and over again. Howard said that would drive anyone crazy. Howard and Robin loved this movie, and thought Woody Harrelson was fantastic in it. Tom Sizemore was in studio, and they again talked about how great […]


1992 – Gilbert Gottfried was in studio in 2012, and said that this movie was the beginning of the end for Rodney when it came to movies.

Back By Midnight

2004 – Gilbert was in studio in 2012 saying this was a terrible movie, when Rodney was way past his prime when it came to movies.

Back By Midnight on IMDb

Meet Wally Sparks

1997 – Gilbert Gottfried was in studio and said he had made this movie with Rodney, way after Rodney’s prime. He said it was a terrible movie.

Meet Wally Sparks on IMDb


1980 Another great Rodney role. Artie loves to recite the dialogue between Rodney and Ted. When Stuttering John beat Tom Chiusano in golf, Artie started quoting parts of this movie.

Thanks to for Howard’s thoughts on Harold Ramis’ Death. 02/25/14. 6:35am:

“Howard said Harold Ramis is like the Beatles to him. He said […]

Back to School

1986 – Howard said this was Rodney as his best, and Sam has a great cameo. They play the sound byte of the scene with Sam as a guest speaker coming into Rodney’s classroom to talk about the Vietnam War. He asks the class what they know about the war. A sweet little girl raises […]