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World Trade Center

2006 – They played clips from Grillo’s short lived movie review show, where he was reviewing the Oliver Stone movie World Trade Center.  Howard said it was a movie review show for illiterates, as there are no other idiots doing movie reviews.  After listening to his review, you couldn’t tell if he recommended the movie or not, as he gave it a state by state review. He said if you were from New York, it was too soon, and then Fred and Howard were doing their Grillo voice and saying but if you’re from Massachusetts, it’s not too soon.  He said all in all it’s a good movie, but it’s too soon, but he liked the movie, everything’s wrong, but I liked it.  The timing’s appropriate, but it’s too wrong, it’s too soon, the timing’s inappropriate. Howard again said he’s a moron.  Grillo gave it 2 out of 5 baked potatoes.  Grillo said it made him cry, and he laughed at Old Yeller.  They listened to him go on and on and still couldn’t tell if he was recommending it or not.

In 2014, Maggie Gyllenhaal was in studio.  She talked about her role in World Trade Center.  She felt she’d made an acting mistake in a scene when she was waiting for word on her husband.  She felt she should have played it more hopeful that there would have called to say he was fine instead of playing the scene with dread that it would be bad news.  She said they missed an opportunity for the dramatic fall.  She loved working with Oliver Stone on that movie.  She said he would have told her to play it differently if he would have felt that way, too.  He would tell her “You were so good this morning and now you’re awful!”  That could have destroyed her, but she knew that he liked her, so instead of just being hurt, she asked him “Can you help me?”  She said he took her hands in his and said, “Yes! I give you the power of Zeus!”

World Trade Center on IMDb

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