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World War Z

2013 – Howard said he’s anxious to see this.  The previews look really good.  And it’s about time that Brad’s making good action movies instead of his art films that have sucked.

Here’s from Mark’s Friggin on 6.11.13:

Howard said Brad Pitt is out promoting the movie ”World War Z” and he’s really behind this movie. Howard said he’s so into it that he’s been showing up to screenings of the movie. Howard said he’s had so many turkeys that he’s making an effort to promote this one. Howard said Brad showed up at a screening and a guy was freaking out about it. Howard played the clip and it was a group of people screaming and you can hear a guy going nuts over Brad. Howard asked how that guy can have a normal life. He said he’s talking about that guy and Brad Pitt. Howard said that you get applause but then you hear this guy screaming.

Richard went to the premier of World War Z and Brad Pitt was there and got up and introduced the movie.  Richard said the movie kicked ass.

Howard says there’s a SiriusXM mention in World War Z.   Howard saw it but wonders if Robin did.  She says she thinks she heard it, but can’t remember. Howard said it wasn’t something she could have heard. It was a visual in the opening credits they are at the stock market and stock quotes are scrolling by and they show SIRI, which is the SiriusXM stock symbol.  Howard liked the movie, said he had fun with it and it’s kind of cool.  He said the only problem is that there are too many zombie movies out now, and The Walking Dead does it so good.  Robin said that they didn’t get up close and personal with the zombies. She said you want to know where zombies came from. Everyone in the movie seemed to accept that there were zombies. Mel Brooks’ son wrote that movie. Howard said he’s always surprised when a kid of a celebrity goes into show business and do well, because you always think they’ll be ne’er-do wells.

Steve Brandano tweeted:: I really liked World War Z. Don’t believe what Robin says Brad Pitt is a bonafide movie star and I’m not sick of Zekes yet!

In August 2013, Howard told Robin that World War Z made $500 million.  He asked Robin if Brad Pitt is a movie star now?  She hasn’t decided yet.

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach

World War Z on iMDb

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