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Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling

2018 –

Howard spent the first half hour of a show talking about how good Judd Apatow’s documentary The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling is. Howard says it’s really great. Says it shows his struggle and how he doubted himself at every turn. He made it look so easy. Said it’s Judd Apatow’s best work. They show Garry’s diaries, and they way they show his actual writing is really cool. He’s only watched the first hour so far, and can’t wait to get home and finish watching it.


Garry Shandling Documentary Review. 03/27/18. 7:25am
Howard said last night he went to bed at 7:30 and got up at like 3 in the morning. He said he had taped the Garry Shandling tribute show that Judd Apatow did. Howard said Judd loved Garry in a big way. He said that it attributes modern day comedy to Garry. He said he has put together 4 hours for HBO. Howard said he tuned it in and didn’t expect much. He said that somehow Apatow took all of Garry’s stuff and he had his journals and stuff. He said that Apatow did a beautiful job with this show. He said you read bits of his journals and then you see interviews and clips of Garry. He said the show looks great and moves fast. He said Judd did a great job with the show. He said it’s called The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. He said even if you’re not a fan you’ll like it.

Howard said Garry had a brother who died of cystic fibrosis. He said no one in his family talks about it. He said he was close to his brother but they didn’t even let him go in and say goodbye to him. He said that the guy never addressed that grief. He said that they show Garry’s knack for writing sitcoms. He said he wrote a bunch of shows and it was child’s play for him. He said he became bored because it was so easy for him. He said then he got into stand up comedy. Howard said Garry sucked as bad as everyone when he started but his goal was to get on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He said when you look through his diaries he talks about how much he sucked and asked if he was funny and stuff like that. He said he just said he had to keep trying. He said you see the angst and pressure on the guy. He said he just wanted to be funny on stage.

Howard said it’s so difficult to make people laugh who are strangers. He said the diaries are filled with doubt and pain. He said he wanted this so badly. Howard said he was overwhelmed with sadness. He said he had a discussion with Jerry Seinfeld off the air about David Brenner. He said he was asking about what happens to that material when he dies. He said Jerry told him about it and he didn’t understand. He said that Garry had this material that he wrote and now it’s just gone. He said you’ll never hear these thoughts. He said music goes on because it gets played. He said this life’s work of spoken word in a club doesn’t go on. He said he’s looking at all of this material and he thinks about how his whole life was dedicated to it. He said at one point Garry is asking if he’ll ever make it. He said it’s important to see for young people. Robin said that she hates that Howard is implying that Tan Mom isn’t going through this.

Zen Diaries of IMDb on IMDb

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