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Zero Dark Thirty

2012 – Howard saw this opening weekend and said it was fantastic–he really loved it.  He had gotten the screener from Gary, as studios rarely send them to him.  He said he could have watched the scene when they get Osama bin Laden a million times.  This was directed by the same woman who did The Hurt Locker.  Howard said it’s amazing how well she can direct war movies.  She’s the one who used to be married to director Jim Cameron.  Gary said that the studio used the same tactic with this movie as they did with The Hurt Locker.  They were both released right before the end of the year so that it’s really fresh in voter’s minds.  Howard said this was also one of the reasons that critics have ranked this as one of the top 3 movies of the year.

In the beginning of 2013, Howard said this was the 2nd most pirated movie of that past weekend, just after Django Unchained.

Zero Dark Thirty on IMDb

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